Maple Leaf Clothing
Maple Leaf Clothing 

Maple Leaf Clothing (MLC) started her name from Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East of England in 2001. Since then, MLC has been provided professional clothing consultancy and services for private labels and independent designers nationally. 


MLC sources fabric and provides fabric samples & colour swatches, develops the production samples and patterns, processes order manufacture & quality control, delivers to the warehouse on request. 


After years of clothing business, MLC has been more and more concentrated on clothing sense which making a clothing for our body (skin-friendly) in a sustainable way (eco-friendly) rather than fast disposable fashion. 


Therefore, MLC highly recommends the fabric such as wool, mulberry silk, fine cotton, acetate, model etc quality fabric & organise the small scale manufacture to satisfy niche market for independent designers to realise his/her unique spirit into commercial operation. 


MLC also helps under/graduate designers to start his/her fashion journey by “set-up package” consultancy which give a comprehensive review to raise the vision of clothing business operation from designing aspect.


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